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“If you are one of God’s children, there is something in your life that will not wear out. In fact, it has the amazing capacity to be new day after day after day. Scripture says that God’s mercies are ‘New every morning.’

Now, you know you need mercy, because you know you need forgiveness and help. Almost every day you mess up in some way. Almost every day you face things that are bigger than the size of your personal wisdom and strength. You and I constantly need the mercy of forgiveness and the mercy of enablement. And so, it is very encouraging to know that God’s mercy is new every day! God’s mercy never grows stale and it never loses it’s transforming power. God’s mercy is brand new morning after morning after morning.

This also means that God’s mercy is form-fit for the problems that you are facing right here, right now. Each morning you are given new mercies for the particular things that you will face that day.

So, you can wake up tomorrow with courage and hope. And you can do this, not because of your strength and wisdom, but because you know that the most important thing you have ever been given will never wear out. You can also have hope because you know that the God who has given that new mercy, knows exactly what you are about to face.”

—Paul David Tripp, “It Won’t Wear Out”

Jesus Christ is stronger!

Stronger than my fears about the future or my shame over a past that cannot be altered though I wish so much I could do some things differently.

Stronger than my tired prayers with well-worn phrases and weary pleas.

Stronger than my need to know now, and have the trial terminated.

Stronger than the enemy of my soul who would discourage me with my own failings and disillusion me with the faults of others.

Such a simple truth—Jesus Christ is Stronger. ‘Stronger than what,’ you ask? Stronger than whatever would cause you doubt or discouragement today.”

—James McDonald

I’m feeling all anxious… and i wish i could pin-point why. My emotions are seriously all over the place… but there’s nothing new about that, lets be real. I think i love what the Lord is doing. I think i desire something big for my future. I desire to stretch myself. I want to be challenged. I desire for the Lord to work through these freshman, and i do desire for the Lord to use me in that. I desire that badly. Lord I need wisdom and strength. I want them to know you. And I can’t believe that i actually do. I can’t beleive i was once lost. I had no desire for you. And look at what you’ve done? I actually see now. What a story. This marvelous story. I have no idea how you want this story to go. But i want this story to only be giving you glory and to be helping others have a story of there own. I’m anxious right now. And i do need to repent of it. But i trust in the Lord. And i will continue to. I just can’t get enough of Jesus. I just want soo much more of Him. I’m stuck with a twelve page paper about surveillance cameras and the law, and all i want is Him. Elyon. Above all that is going on right now in the world today…. he’s still bigger. Bigger than this lost tiny little me with nothing to offer. How beautiful. My redeemer.

So i did it. I tried. I’m here.

Did you know that we will never naturally desire it? It’s rare to wake up in the morning and desire the Lord, desire ministry, desire to serve. So it makes sense. To just do it. Because its rare that we will naturally do it with the right heart. So don’t let it stop you. Don’t be apathetic, questioning if youre hearts in the right place. Our hearts will never naturally be in the right place. But if we just do it. He can and will bring our hearts to the right place eventually. So don’t just sit and wait for it. Just go.

I think thats good enough.

God is bigger than me. It is by HIS GRACE that i have the ability to know him the way i do. It is by HIS GRACE that can see my sin. It is by HIS GRACE that i see the cross and how beautiful it is. It is by HIS GRACE that I can see anything at all. I pray that i don’t forget that. I pray that i can humble myself to see that. To see that this is nothing of me and my knowledge. I didn’t see all this on my own. I ONLY see it cuz of Him. How selfish am I? To think I am really my own creation. God is bigger than me. It by HIS GRACE that i am saved.

Why am i doing this? Cuz my roommates do it…. and i like them a lot. So i will test out this crazy thing called blogging. And ill see how it goes. So ill think… and then write.